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Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk - the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate...once liberated, it's now slowly but surely being taken by the Islamic Caliphate wannabe, ISIS. The Obama administration continues to deny reality...but reality is exactly what is hitting the world in the face with every move ISIS makes. And what about domestic issues like civil unrest...is Obama CREATING the reality in the streets of city's like Baltimore...a reality that appears to be encouraging thugs and attacking law enforcement: From the leadership! We're going to discuss with the man who lead the prosecution against Sheik Omar Rahman (mastermind of first attack on WTC 1993), author and contributing editor of National Review, ANDREW C. McCARTHY! PLUS, with ISIS having already made clear they are attempting to commit genocide against Middle East Christians...all according to their holy texts...why is the Obama administration ignoring the plight of Christians? We're going to find out answers with LTC (ret.) SARGIS SANGARI, of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. AND, more 2nd Amendment info-ammo for your quiver with Johnny Kakalaki on The Smoking Gun! We're standing on TRUTH: The foundation of all true freedom!

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