England’s Leni Riefenstahl: Danny Boyle

Yes, I was impressed by Danny Boyle’ s film Slumdog Millionaire.

Who doesn’t love any story that roots for the underdog?

With Karl Marx, however, as the virtual Pope of The Underdog?

The religion of Marxism paraded all over the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics?

With the Hammer of Hammer and Sickle dominating the choreography?

Hammer and Sickle does sound a bit like a Victorian law firm.

Indeed the 2012, Danny Boyle Olympics served a subpoena to the world:

“You are

or you will be,

whether you like it or not,

a part of The Communist Revolution!!”


Welcome a Marxist version of the 1936 Olympics!

The smoky filth of the Industrial Revolution, as the most dominant symbol in the aerial shots of the Olympic Stadium?

With the over five-hundred-year history of both the British Empire and the British Commonwealth, with William Shakespeare still England’s greatest poet and the long list of England’s heroes to chose from?

Boyle chooses Dickensian London and stretches the top hat to even include Abraham Lincoln look-alikes! Pure Obama Nation body-English to it all.

With the body count inspired by Karl Marx? The tens of millions of executions and starvations under Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot?

All worth it, according to the unapologetic and now massively triumphant Danny Boyle!

Not to mention the punitive protections for abortion under America’s first, shamelessly Marxist President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama: the exclusion, the virtual banning of the Catholic Church from any involvement in American hospitals?


That is the year 2012 throughout the entire world!!


The Communist Singing Quartet

Their voices were heard loudly and clearly over London’s Olympic Stadium on July 27, 2012.

And to drop the adolescent self-indulgence of the Woodstock 60’s all over the unrelenting message of Hammer and Sickle, Paul McCartney is there to send everyone off all warm and gooey.

Yeah, right.

Danny bringing the Cauldron of Hell to a “Boyle”

“Look at what English Capitalism had done to The Worker!”

“We Marxists are now back, with Hammer and Sickle, for revenge!!”

“We begin with satirizing the Queen of England and her James Bond lackey!!”

The Queen’s “Teachable Moment”

“Take that, you bourgeois idiots!”

Let’s compare the old Marxists:



with the new: “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling!”

O’Bama  and Oh, Danny Boyle

Will they have the last laugh?

Right now it doesn’t look good for America.

If it doesn’t look good for America?

Goodbye individual freedom and individual responsibility.

With that, you will endure decades of “Teachable Moments” from the likes of O’Bama and O’Boyle.

Welcome to the 2012 Olympics!

Welcome to the Marxist version of the 1936 Olympics!

This time with warm, venomously smiling, “Internationalist” contempt for America.